Iron.Stone Symposium Pour - Video Dedication

Iron.Stone Symposium Pour – Video Dedication

Iron.Stone Symposium Pour 2014

Two weeks before the 7th International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art in Latvia, a group of sculptors was invited to Pedvale Open Air Museum to take advantage of its rolling expanse and stonework resources to make works using stone and cast iron. The artists cast iron for the works over two days, June 7 and 11. The pour was a lot like the work and workers…meditative and outrageous, meticulous and unpredictable.

Maris Strautmanis
Thursday, June 19, 2014

Maris Strautmanis (b. 12/25/1961 – d. 4/13/2015
This video was the final documentary produced by Maris Strautmanis, a dedicated contributor to the international cast iron art and sculpture community. Throughout his career as a free-lance videographer and producer for community-based television, he produced many pro-bono videos supporting the work and careers of numerous sculptors, including the work of his wife, Tamsie Ringler. Maris was proud of his Latvian heritage and participated extensively in Latvian cultural activities. Maris’ gift to us all was his participation in the 7th ICCCIA, as a father, husband, advisor, videographer, translator and friend. He is greatly missed.