Conference Accommodations and Lodging
There are many good opportunities for lodging near the Pedvale Open-Air Art Museum including resorts with private/ shared cabins and camping and traditional hostels and inns. Lodging is located within walking distance or short drive from the conference activity sites: the Pedvale Open-Air Art Museum and Sabile Cultural Center and School. Travel to the conference from all of the lodging options listed below will be accommodated through conference shuttle buses.



Meal bundles will be available for conference participants as well as individual meals at the Dare Restaurant at the Pedvale Open-Air Art Museum. Breakfast will also be available at lodging accommodations. Sabile has a small store with an ATM where food and alcohol can be purchased.


Due to limited accommodations near the conference location, we suggest group sharing rooms and cabins. Contact Liz (elizabeth.p.helfer/at/gmail/dot/com) or Laura (pedvale/at/pedvale/dot/lv) if you need assistance finding others to share lodging.

Plosti Tourism and Recreation Center

Plosti is considered a luxury accommodation and is used as a resort. It was popular in Soviet times and remains quite nice today.

Travel: (7 km from Pedvale) Direct bus runs from Plosti to Sabile. It runs almost on the hour throughout the day. Morning/ Evening shuttle bus.


Plosti – Cabins
Plosti Tourism and Recreation Center:  Some cabins have a suite of rooms with cooking facilities, 2-3 bedrooms, full bath, and a sauna. Some cabins have fold out couches and the ability to bring in more beds. $70-100/night. There are two houses where you can simply rent a bed for 5 Euros/day. For more information visit their website: www.plosti.lv. There is a four person minimum for cabins.

Camping 1 LVL per person/day, they also offer RV parking.

Summer Cabins (3) Summer house with two rooms (four separate beds) and a balcony. Additional beds can be added at the individual rate. No amenities. Shower, sauna and WC available in main building. Price ~9$ per person.
Family Cabins (11) House with two bedrooms – a double bed in one and two beds in the other. Additional beds can be added at the individual rate. Has guest room, kitchen corner, fridge, balcony, shower, WC, TV, Wi-Fi. Rooms are equipped with facilities to make tea and coffee. Possible to rent pans, pots etc for ~2$ per day. Price ~18$ per person.
Big Family Cabins (5) House with beds for 7-8 persons. Has guest room, balcony, shower, WC, TV, Wi-Fi. Prices~82$ per house if 4 people stay + ~18$ per each extra person.
“Lux” Cabins (3) House for 4 people with special benefits – in-house sauna. Has guest room, balcony, shower, WC, TV, Wi-Fi. Price ~ 100$ per house.

Plosti has a restaurant where breakfast and other meals are available at reasonable prices.

Sabile Youth Hostel


Sabile Youth Hostel The youth hostel is located in Sabile in a former hospital building. They can accommodate 23 people. Single beds in shared rooms. There are 3 showers available. Some fridges are available and electric cookers for boiling water for tea or coffee. Price ~9$-18$ per person.

– The Sabile Youth Hostel also has rooms available that are not recently renovated which are a little cheaper. There are also rooms where it is possible to bring an air mattress or camping pad. If conference participants want to book these rooms they should contact Jānis Lazdāns, Youth Hostel Director, directly.

Jānis Lazdāns
+371 29640028
Skype: Jlazdans

Hotel Talsi


Hotel Talsi They have single rooms, double rooms with one and two beds in the room, rooms for 3 and 4 people as well as three luxury rooms. Morning/ Evening Shuttle bus to conference.

Hotels and Restaurants of Latvia




Liz Helfer – Accommodations
Sculptor – elizabeth.p.helfer/at/gmail/dot/com

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