7th International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art
Pedvale Open-Air Art Museum, Latvia, June 19 – 23, 2014
Coal.Essence: Iron Forming Art, Ritual and Landscape

ICCCIA Sessions Chair Mary Neubauer:
Pedvale Open-Air Art Museum Director Ojars Feldbergs:

In June, 2014 sculptors and practitioners from around the world will converge on the Pedvale Open-Air Art Museum to share art, information and friendship during the 7th International. All of the members of the steering committee welcome your participation! Conference sessions will focus on the unique characteristics of this conference, the location, emphasis and participants as well as general characteristics intrinsic to the professional and academic practice of contemporary cast iron sculpture. Proposals may include 20 – 30 minute small group or individual presentations as well as longer sessions ranging from 60 to 90 minutes. These presentations are open not only to visual artists, but also to individuals engaged in a diversity of practices. Relevant proposals from the fields of literature, criticism, history, science, technology, poetry, dance, storytelling, and folklore are welcomed. Single sessions may include presenters from a range of disciplines.

Proposals will be welcomed based on the following four streams:
Stream 1Performance/Landscape/ Ritual: This stream will reflect the essential theme of the conference: Iron forming art, ritual, and landscape. Presentations may expand upon projects completed for the conference as well as artistic, performative, ritual, and landscape topics in general. As well presentations on performance, landscape, and ritually-based work completed in, or proposed for, sites throughout the world are welcomed.

Stream 2Research/ Development/ Experimentation: Topics include research on alternative iron furnaces, contemporary digital methods in sculpture, unusual, investigative, or creative methods of casting iron. Scholarly, technical, scientific, historical research, and formal academic papers are also invited.

Stream 3Collaboration/ Community/International Outreach: Presentations will address topics focusing on the international nature of cast iron art and related practices, regionally specific themes related to the iron-casting movement, and local issues, including the integration of iron art practice into a range of community activities. Presentations on sites, topics, and possibilities for future conferences, regional events, and mini-symposia throughout the world are also desired.

Stream 4Practical Matters: Presentations on safe practices, operation of cast iron art programs within schools and communities. How-to and flash DYI sessions, “Maker” sessions, small demos, materials, and techniques are welcomed into this streams. Stream 4 will focus on knowledge-sharing at a practical, hands-on level.

Session Requirements – Please review all information carefully
• Presenters must be registered as participants in the 7th International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art
• Session proposals must be submitted in English
• Closing date for submissions is Midnight, Sunday the 5th of January, 2014
• All materials are accepted via email ONLY:
• Please cc to:

Submit the following application materials for Conference Sessions

1. Name and contact information of the Session Chairperson
Name ________________________________________________________
Address ______________________________________________________
Affiliation ____________________________________________________
Phone #______________________  e-mail ___________________
Attach a short 1-page CV or Bio in Word or PDF file

All proposals must be submitted by a session chair. This person will be responsible for organizing and moderating the sessions, presiding over the subject matter and issues to be focused on, determining the format, identifying additional participants, and communicating with their participants regarding time, location, and preparations for the panel.

_____ List of proposed session members you are inviting, with short 100 word bio

____ List of media or supplies that will be required, such as video projectors, speakers, monitors, laptops, supplies

_____ Note whether a translator is needed

2. Panel Session Stream: Designate what stream your session best fits

______Stream 1- Performance/Landscape/ Ritual

______ Stream 2- Research/ Development/ Experimentation

______Stream 3- Collaboration/ Community/International Outreach

______ Stream 4- Practical Matters

Sessions may be designated as presentations, facilitated discussions, formal papers, informal dialogues, narratives, or small demonstrations, events, or how-to sessions. Proposals that are cross-disciplinary are encouraged, but not required.

3. Title of Panel or Presentation

4. A short 150 word description of your proposal, for publication in the program

5. A 400 word Abstract of your session proposal, showing how it relates to the topics of the conference

Proposals will be reviewed and, pending acceptance, scheduled in the order that they are received. I will confirm receipt of your proposal and forward all proposals to the steering committee as a whole. Final acceptances will go out by January 15, 2014.

Remember, Session submissions must be sent to:
Mary Neubauer @:
Ojars Feldbergs @:

Formal submissions must be received by January 5, 2014 at the latest.

Review Process
Session submissions will be reviewed in the order they are submitted by the steering committee, which reserves the right to accept or reject proposed presentations. Applicants will be notified of their proposal’s status by Jan. 15, 2014

The Steering Committee is particularly interested in sessions that:

• Are cross disciplinary and/or cross-cultural in nature

• Bring a broad regional or international appeal to the topic

• Bring new subjects to the table and do not reiterate previous conference topics

Accepted Proposals
Chairpersons must confirm attendance by March 1,2014. At that time, Chairpersons will submit a final proposal for session members to the conference. Presenters will be asked to complete an audio and visual recording release form.