Iron Pours
Technical and aesthetic developments within contemporary cast iron art will be demonstrated through a range of iron pouring events. Integral to contemporary cast iron art, the process of iron pouring itself becomes not only a key part of the process of producing cast iron art but also a creative element in its own right. The pours can be broken down into two categories: performance and production pours. The production of cast iron art during the conference is one of the significant ways in which the ICCCIA is unique among art and sculpture conferences. It is not just a platform for the dissemination of information on how to operate a cupola and make cast iron sculpture, it is contributing to the actual production of contemporary cast iron art.

Performance Pours
An integral element of the performance projects presented at the ICCCIA, the Performance Pour allows conference attendees to explore the aesthetic and performative possibilities of the pouring process and all of the inherent cultural and mythical content related to fire ritual performances and their relevance within contemporary cast iron art.

The Performance Pours will be a main focus of the conference due to the emphasis on ritual that is a feature of the 7th ICCCIA. Performance pours will focus on furnaces that are either aesthetic or performance-based and standard furnaces to melt iron for use in ritual or landscape-based performance projects.

Stephen Coles – Performance Projects
Coles Castings, UK – stephen_coles@btinternet.com

Andy Griffiths – Performance Projects
Head of Sculpture, Coleg Sir Gâr, Wales – agriffgriffiths@aol.com

Demonstration Pours
A vital component of the ICCCIA, the Demonstration Pour allows conference attendees that have participated in the conference mold-making workshops, to cast their own iron sculpture.  The pour is ultimately about the ability to produce artwork at the conference,  although it is also an opportunity for conference attendees to witness furnaces of different shapes and sizes operate, work with pour crews from different countries and backgrounds, and celebrate the process that unites us as cast iron artists.

The focus of the demonstration pour at the 7th ICCCIA will be on the process of the iron pour. Delegates will have the opportunity to observe the set up and operation of several different styles of furnaces, as well as the organization and structure of the pour itself. Molds made during the pre-conference mold-making workshops will be poured during the conference creating an educational opportunity for delegates unfamiliar with the iron casting process.

Local and regional iron furnaces will be used for the demonstration pour and crews will be coordinated by conference organizers. Experienced metal casters will set up and run the furnaces with additional assistance from conference participants.

Christian Benefiel – Pour Coordination
Assistant Professor of Sculpture, Shepherd University, WV – blackscrewstudios@gmail.com


Araan Schmidt – Pour Coordination
Assistant Professor of Sculpture, Colorado Mesa University – araanj@yahoo.com


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