Reduction Sand-mold

Reduction Sand-mold

Reduction Sand-mold Workshop
Led by Meagan Daus, Studio Assistant, U of M, Minneapolis, USA

Workshop will focus on reduction molding processes. Registered two-part mold blanks will be provided allowing participants to carve their patterns in the negative. Twenty participants are invited to carve molds and prepare work to cast at the Pedvale Open-Air Art Museum during the Demonstration Pour scheduled on Sunday, June 22nd.

Location: Pedvale Open-Air Art Museum
Dates: Friday, June 20 – Saturday, June 21
Hours: TBA
Sand Mold Workshop Fee: 30 €
Contact: dausx001@umn.eduu

Workshop description
Workshop participants can bring sketches or patterns to carve from. This workshop is for any level caster to get creative with the reductive process. The two-part molds can be sawn into more parts. There is access to drills and saws. Bring a variety of bits, carving tools, and other personal tools that you can use to create your mold cavity.

Workshop guidelines
Weight/size guidelines: 5 kg (10 lb) iron, two-part sand mold: each part 25cm (10″) x 25cm (10″) x 15cm (6″)

Additional info
Please plan on bringing your own personal safety gear. Workshop participants may wish to bring personal hand tools for sand carving. Basic tools will be available. Workshop participants are expected to participate in the preparation of materials and the handling and pouring of molds during the demonstration pour as their previous metal-casting experience allows. (Note: we do not recommend bringing your own electric tools unless they are rated for use in Latvia.)

Meagan Daus is a Studio Assistant at the University of Minnesota in the United States and leads community mold-making workshops at Franconia Sculpture Park.

Suggested arrival: Friday, June 19th at the start of the conference.

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