Savienošanas: Coalescence

Savienošanas: Coalescence

Savienošanas Coalescence
Talsi Regional Museum
June 23 – July 20

Showcasing artists working in the field of contemporary sculpture associated with the ICCCIA in accompaniment with regional artists from Latvia and the Talsi area. Small sculptures created utilizing cast iron, representative of work by emerging and established artists around the world. 2-D works selected from emerging and established artists from around the Talsi region. The goal of this collaborative exhibition is to create new connections between international sculptors, ICCCIA delegates and regional Latvian artists.

2D Artists
Andris Biezbārdis
Laura Feldberga
Jānis Kupčs
Lauris Mīlbrets
Guna Millersone
Zigurds Poļikovs
Pēteris Taukulis
Ieva Vītola-Lindkvista
Andris Vītols

3D Artists
Simone Bizzell
James Brenner
Sarah Clover
Steven Coles
John Galt
Jenny Hager
Liz Helfer
Rian Kerrane
Deborah LaGrasse
Elena Lourenco
Mary Neubauer
Ken Payne
Laura Phelps Rogers
Wayne Potratz
Stacey Rathert
Tamsie Ringler
Martins Rozenfelds
Anna Shapiro
Austin Sheppard
Andrew Smith
Seth Thibodaux
Virginia Tyler
Michael Williams

Awards Best in Show 2-D and 3-D –

Talsi Museum:
Contacts: Guna Millersone-, Durant Thompson



Guna Millersone is an exhibition and project curator at Talsi Regional Museum. She is also a painter that incorporates oil painting, installations and found objects in her work. Guna has been exhibited in France, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Estonia, Germany, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Belgium and Turkey. She is a member of the Artists’ Union of Latvia as well as the Talsi Brush Wood Art Group.


Durant Thompson is an Associate Professor of Sculpture in the Department of Art at the University of Mississippi. Durant has been actively showing sculpture at exhibitions throughout the USA over the past two decades. His resume includes several outdoor sculpture exhibitions as well as group or solo shows in locations including North Carolina, Kansas, New Mexico, Texas, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, Missouri, Alabama, Louisiana and Tennessee. Durant has been an active member of the arts community serving as a curator, juror, presenter, panel moderator, steering committee member, and guest lecturer for arts organizations throughout the United States, including the ICCCIA. He was also a recipient of the 2011 Mississippi Arts Commission Fellowship through funds from the National Endowment for the Arts.