Uguns Zīmēdams: Drawing Fire

Uguns Zīmēdams Drawing Fire
Sabile Jewish Synagogue Contemporary Art and Heritage Site
June 21 – June 24, 2013

This exhibition showcases sculptors working in 2-D mediums for the development of sculptural ideas. This exhibition will focus mainly on drawings but can be interpreted to include printmaking techniques and other mediums. The goal of this exhibition is to showcase some of the creative techniques and processes sculptors use in the process of creating their 3-D work.

George Beasley
Carl Billingsley
Margaret Coleman
John Galt
Jenny Hager
Cynthia Handel
Dilys Jackson
Justine Johnson
Hanna Jubran
Mya Kerner
Rian Kerrane
Deborah LaGrasse
Coral Lambert
Mary Neubauer
Ken Payne
Laura Phelps Rogers
Justin Playl
Stacey Rathert
Susanne Roewer
Andrew Smith
Seth Thibodaux
Virginia Tyler

Ojārs Feldbergs, Director and Founder, Pedvāle Open-Air Art Museum, LV
Harvey Hood, Founder, Berllanderi Sculpture Workshop, Professor Emeritus, University of Wales Institute at Cardiff, UK
Wayne Potratz, Professor of Sculpture, Scholar of the University, University of Minnesota, ICCCIA Co-Founder, US
Tamsie Ringler, Associate Professor of Sculpture, St. Catherine University, US

Awards Best in Show and two Honorable Mentions –

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