The Four Streams: Conference Topic Categories

Stream 1 – Performance/Landscape/ Ritual
This stream reflects the essential theme of the conference – iron forming art, ritual, and landscape. Presentations and other activities will expand on these elements and the relationship between the environment, the artist and the creative process affecting the five senses.

Stream 2 – Research/ Development/ Experimentation
This category seeks to deliver investigative outcome and observations on subjects such as alternative iron furnaces, contemporary digital methods in sculpture, and other innovative techniques of casting iron. Discussions on framework and application of alternative materials for creative arts will be part of the mix as well.

Stream 3 – Collaboration/ Community/International Outreach
Presentations focus on the international nature of cast iron art and related practices. Regionally specific themes related to the iron-casting movement, local issues, and the integration of the iron art practice into a range of community activities will be addressed.

Stream 4 – Practical Matters
Knowledge sharing is at the center for this stream. Emphasis will be placed on safe practices, interactive demonstrations, and operation of cast iron art programs within schools and communities.