Steering Committee

Steering Committee

Ojārs Feldbergs
Director, Open-Air Museum at Pedvale, LV

Tamsie Ringler
Associate Professor of Sculpture, St. Catherine University, MN, US

Kārlis Alainis
Teacher of Sculpture, Latvian Academy of Art, LV

Advisory Board
George Beasley
Professor Emeritus, Georgia State University – gbeasley(at)gsu(dot)edu
Carl Billingsley
Professor, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC – billingsleyc(at)ecu(dot)edu
Laura Feldberga
Artist, Latvia – laura(dot)feldberga(at)gmail(dot)com
Thomas Gipe
Professor Emeritus, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville – tgipe(at)aoai(dot)org
Andy Griffiths
Head of Sculpture, Coleg Sir Gar, Wales – Agriffgriffiths(at)aol(dot)com
John Hock
Founder, Artistic Director, Franconia Sculpture Park, MN – johnhock(at)franconia(dot)org
Villu Jaanisoo
Professor, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts villusoo(at)hotmail(dot)com
Deborah La Grasse
Instructor, School of Architecture, Florida A & M – dlagrasse(at)yahoo(dot)com
Coral Lambert
Associate Professor, Chair of Sculpture, Alfred University – lambertc(at)alfred(dot)edu
Ken Payne
Professor of Sculpture, Buffalo State College, NY – paynekp(at)buffalostate(dot)edu
Laura Miglone
Curator, Open-Air Art Museum at Pedvale, Latvia – pedvale(at)pedvale(dot)lv
Mary Neubauer
Head of Sculpture, Arizona State University – MARY.Neubauer(at)asu(dot)edu
Wayne Potratz
Professor of Sculpture and Foundry, University of Minnesota – potra001(at)umn(dot)edu

Steering Committee
Christian Benefiel – Pour Coordination
Assistant Professor of Sculpture, Shepherd University, WV – blackscrewstudios(at)
Carl Billingsley – Iron.Stone Symposium
Professor, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC – billingsleyc(at)
Sarah Clover – Web/ Media
Sculptor, Clover Studio, Rhode Island – cloversculpture(at)
Margaret Coleman – Fundraising
Curator, Hunter College, New York – margaretpcoleman(at)
Stephen Coles – Performance Projects
Coles Castings, UK – stephen_coles(at)
Andy Griffiths – Performance Projects
Head of Sculpture, Coleg Sir Gâr, Wales – agriffgriffiths(at)
Cynthia Handel – Sessions
Teaching faculty, The Crucible, California – cynthiahandel89(at)
Liz Helfer – Accommodations
Sculptor – elizabeth.p.helfer(at)
Paige Henry – Documentation
Production Supervisor, DCI – paigeahenry(at)
Rian Kerrane – Workshops
Associate Professor of Sculpture, UC-Denver – rian.kerrane(at)
Deborah LaGrasse – Cultural Events
Instructor, School of Architecture, Florida A & M – dlagrasse(at)
Elena Lourenco Demonstrations
Assistant Professor of Fine Arts in Sculpture, Buffalo State College, NY – lourenem(at)
Mary Neubauer – Sessions/ Digital Practices
School of Art-Head of Sculpture, Arizona State University – MARY.Neubauer(at)
Ken Payne – Iron.Stone Symposium
Professor of Sculpture, Buffalo State College, New York – paynekp(at)
Stacey Rathert – Student/ University
Sculpture Student, University of Mississippi – slrather(at)
Araan Schmidt – Pour Coordination
Assistant Professor of Sculpture, Colorado Mesa University – araanj(at)
Anna Shapiro – Publicity
Sculptor, Wavelady Project Coordinator, Rhode Island – wavelady(at)
Durant Thompson – Exhibitions
Associate Professor of  Sculpture, The University of Mississippi – Durant(at)
Matt Toole – Industry/ Foundry
Professor, Savannah College of Art and Design, GA – matttoole(at)
Hans Wolfe – Cupola Building
Art Department Chair, the Colorado Springs School – hwolfe(at)

International Liaisons
Felicia Glidden – International (S. America, Australis, Middle East, India)
Sculptor – frg32(at)
Dilys Jackson – W. Europe
Sculptor – dilysjackson(at)
Danielle Jenson – N. America
Sculptor – dmd.jenson(at)
Susanne Roewer – E. Europe/ Russia
Sculptor – suzi(at)
Virginia Tyler – Africa
Assistant Professor, St. Augustine’s College, NC – vtyler(at)
Anita Strautmanis – Latvian-American Community
Business Development Consultant – astrautmanis(at)
Lu Xu – Asia
Sculpture student, UNC – Greensborough – lu.xu27(at)