Stream 3 – Collaboration/ Community/ International Outreach

Stream 3 – Collaboration/ Community/International Outreach
Presentations focus on the international nature of cast iron art and related practices. Regionally specific themes related to the iron-casting movement, local issues, and the integration of the iron art practice into a range of community activities will be addressed.

The Alzheimer’s Glass and Iron Project: Fading Memories become Eternal Artworks
Members of The Alfred University Foundry Guild have undertaken this ongoing project, including creating paintings with the elderly, community action, and exhibitions. The Alzheimer’s Glass and Iron project is a multi-step, cross-generational art project. Elderly artists suffering with Alzheimer’s and dementia paint using iron oxides and water colors; Alfred University students cast these in iron or glass for the first time, creating a sculpture in response to the paintings with proceeds going to the Alzheimer’s Association.
Elise Betrus Glass Art/Sculpture; BFA- The New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, USA
Haley Jelinek Glass blowing & glass/metal/wood sculpture; BFA New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, USA
Rosemarie Oakman Fine Arts Metal Casting; BFA- The New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, USA

Latvian Sculptors on Their Art
A consortium of Latvian sculptors will discuss their practice and their work in the field of contemporary sculpture. They will give a picture of the work being done today in this arena in Latvia and surrounding nations, including installational work, public art, symposia, museums, and exhibitions.
Karlis Alainis Sculptor; Symposium Organizer; Instructor, Sculpture Design Dept. Riga Design and Art School; Lecturer, Sculpture. Latvian Academy of Art Sculptor: Symposium participant; President- Artist’s Union, Latvia
Ivars Drulle Sculptor; Symposium participant; MFA- University of Montana, Practice in Latvia
Pauls Jaunzems Sculptor, Public Artist; Monuments; Latvian Academy of Art, Artists Union of Latvia
Igors Dobichins Sculptor: Symposium participant; President- Artist’s Union, Latvia
Ken Payne Sculptor; Site specific Sculpture; Head of Sculpture-Buffalo State College

Artists’ Organizations and Opportunities Internationally
The purpose of this panel is to speak to an audience of artists from all over the world, about opportunities to travel within the arts, while outside of their own communities and homelands. What are these opportunities? How does one seek them out? What are the requirements/ eligibility? Can artists solicit opportunities based on their own proposals? Where do such international artist communities exist?
Carl Billingsley Sculptor; Professor, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC, USA; Iron.Stone Curator, USA
James A. Cook Sculptor; Associate Professor 3-D and Extended Media Division, School of Art, University of Arizona; Fulbright Fellow, USA
Eden Jolly Sculptor, Media Artist, Video and Sound Art: Instructor and Shop director- The Scottish Sculpture Workshop, UK
Deborah LaGrasse Sculptor, Performance Artist; Professor, Design School of Architecture, Florida A&M University, USA
Mary Neubauer Sculptor, digital artist, interactive public art; Professor-Sculpture, Arizona State University, USA
Elena Lourenco Sculptor; Assistant Professor of Sculpture- Buffalo State University, NY, USA

Folk Traditions and Costumes in the Kurzeme Region of Latvia
Lia Mona Gībiete

The Western Cast Iron Art Alliance
A collaborative group of colleges and universities in the American West and Southwest have formally incorporated, allowing for a unique system of exchanges, events, exhibitions and conferences. The WCIAA provides a template for highly successful regional networking in the field of Cast Iron Art.
Rian Kerrane Sculptor; BA in Fine Arts-University of Ulster at Belfast; MFA -University of New Orleans; Associate Professor /Area Head – Sculpture, the University of Colorado Denver, USA

Festivāls RojaL: Film, Art and Cultural Festival
Māris Grosbahs Curator of Art Laboratory AIZ at SERDE artist residency center, Aizpute, Latvia; Director Festivāls Rojal

Midsummer Crown: Talsi Community Project
Midsummer Crown is an inclusive opportunity for community members of rural Latvia to participate in the conference and cultural exchange while examining community-based practices within the dialogue of contemporary cast iron art. To connect with the theme of the conference, a collaborative cast iron sculpture based on multi-cultural traditions with a specific focus on Latvian midsummer will be created and exhibited at Pedvale Open-air Art Museum.
Project Coordinator:
Ojars Feldbergs Sculptor; Director and Founder, Pedvale Open-Air Art Museum, Latvia
Project Leader:
Meagan Daus Studio technician at University of Minnesota, Regis Center for the Arts

Wreath making and Latvian Midsummer Night Traditions – Interactive Presentation