Video Izrāde: Video Exhibition

Video Izrāde Video Exhibition
Alainis Studio, Rīga: June 18, Opening and social event: 8 – 12pm
Pedvāle Open-Air Art Museum: June 21 – 23 Opening: June 22, 7 – 10 PM

Video Izrāde Video Exhibition showcases videos of iron pours and iron performances by artists, institutions and programs from all over the world. The video exhibition represents artistic expression related to cast iron works and processes and includes pour processes, techniques and performances that will not be on view during the conference which are representative of the international cast iron art movement.

Selected Video Works

Holli Gilvaie
UCD Iron Pour, March 2013
UCD Iron Pour, March 2014

James Cook
It Takes A Village: The Casting of a Jain Temple Bell

Charles Hook (Submission by: Deborah LaGrasse)

Māris Strautmanis
Iron Pour Franconia
Iron.Stone Symposium Pours

Wayne Potratz and Chris Larson
Iron X 2013

Matt Toole
Kinship: A Tribute of Iron

Justine Johnson and Nor Hall
She Walks The Spiral Path

Devin Henry
Alfred Foundry Meltdown, 2013

Karlis Alainis,Teacher of Sculpture, Latvian Academy of Art, LV
Laura Feldberga, Artist, LV
Rian Kerrane, Associate Professor of Sculpture, University of Colorado – Denver
Andrew Smith, Instructor, Technician, University of Mississippi

Durant Thompson
Andrew Smith,